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Director's note
                The epics ,myths and legends of India are the interpretations and expressions of its Vedanta Philosophy. The ultimate aim of life is to study, experience the Vedanta and to practice it in our day to day life, to reach the culmination of bliss and the attainment of salvation (Moksha).To reach that goal our forefathers propounded four ways.They are the path of action(Karma) knowledge (Njana) devotion(Bhakthi) and meditation(Yoga).On this foundation of thought Kandethal(Revelation) has been created. Here, through ancient Vedantic philosophy, one can overcome the contemporary trials of life and attain peace and bliss.
                  The enquiry of parents -having their one and  only child abandoned them, the reason behind that, the enquiry of the father quite worldly, resulted in grief and frustration. While the enquiry of the mother, that she evolved from her lineage, the knowledge of the self becomes intuitive. The result was the experiencing  of peace and bliss. That is why the film picturised , not giving importance to wide shots, leaving aside the life situation and giving importance to persons and their personal problems. Besides this film focuses on the search of inner and outer minds of mother and father and establishes the presence their respective Gurus
                         But about the four wide shots- represents the aspects of fire, water, air and sky of the five  elements(Panchabhutangal) .The camera is used as an expression of a person  or as the movement of a person
                          The film is created ,considering the eyes of vision of the sitting spectator and denying the present technological complexities. The film very simply narrates, like a philosophical revelation, the personal grief of characters and to get  the  concentration for emancipation from them ,Kandethal (Revelation) created by me on belief that cinema should be an application of the vision to get transformed and attain peace through the wisdom of visual experience
M. Sukumarji      

             Kandethal (Revelation)
Three line Synopsis
               Kandethal (Revelation) is a spiritual film deals with, the joys and sorrows of contemporary life to peace and calm in the light of ancient Indian Philosophy.  Through personal experience a mother in this film realizes that the reason behind crises in life may not be searched in the exterior world, but in one's own interior world. Here, a mother whose  agony on losing her son thinks that the whole children in the world are her own children and overcomes the sadness because of the previous jnana (inherited knowledge) and thus attains bliss
Medium Synopsis
              When the joint family reduced to nuclear family the parents decide to own only one child. What if that child leaves for good? They become grief stricken and secluded. In a study the number of boys who give up their parents voluntarily in the world  between the age limit of thirteen and eighteen is one per thirty seconds.
            The parents seek the reason behind their child who left home even as he enjoys the  amenities of homeliness. The father, Sivadasan, fell into the abyss of grief and despondency even though he searched on the street and sought the assistance of law. But the mother attained peacefulness and bliss through constant practice of Dhyana(inner search).Then she transformed  herself to universal mother hood by the wisdom fixed with Poorvika mudra ( Ancestoral mark)  neglecting the pride of possessing her only child and considering all the children in the world as her own children
Long  Synopsis.
             A happy family of three, Sivadasan, the father, an employee ,Santhi,the mother,and  thiteen year old Deepu ,their only son. Even if Deepu was deeply loved and indulged by his parents; one day he left for school, did not come back. Deepu's leaving home unreasonably made Sivadasan and Santhi  desperate. The following days they remained themselves in waiting for his returning home and seeking after him. The father complained of his son's disappearance in the police station ,and walking through the street in search of him, returned home frustrated. He terribly felt that his wife, who lost her son may be in solitude at home and collapsed. But the mother gave solace to the father who comes frustrated. Sivadasan wondered when his wife behaved so.
                  The solitary mother, Santhi, was in pain and spent time alone at home. But her husband who was in pursuit of his lost son .In the light of Yogavidya that she inherited , she could converse to ,like a grand father ,the all pervading in the cells of cell, the master-Atma Guru-and a live a life in the wake of spiritual knowledge. That is why she could contain in purity as a witness to her grief stricken husband  and the run away from home of her son. Thus the reason behind the disappearance of her son and the enquiry about him by the parents bifurcated internally and externally. When the mother, though her inner Guru's blessings attains peace and tranquility, the father experiences unhappiness and grief by conversing with external  Gurus. That is the experience of both of them
                                   While Sivadasan in search of his son, got another boy Kannan, resembling his son, to take care of with the blessing of a Sanyasin. On his way home, Sivadasan was eager whether his wife would accept that boy. But Santhi, who possesses blissfulness due to her  Poorvika jnana (Ancestoral wisdom) accepts the boy as her own. The boy too absorbed in the motherhood accept her as his own mother. Hence forth ,the enquiry about his son remains as a private matter to Sivadasan
             While on searching his son Sivadasan happens  to meet many parents who lost their children. He could know their sufferings as well. Still then, his wife's peace and tranquility was an enigma to him. One day he realized that the foster son too is waiting for his sons come back. Through the love of his foster father and mother Kannan recognizes his parents love .He decides to return home .Then Sivadasan without  his wife's notice get  ready to  take Kannan to his parents. The mother Santhi somehow or other recognized Kannans returns  to his home comes in front of them. They become startled on seeing her. She was on her way to give back Kannan to his parents. The child comes fortunately to her life must be returned to his parents. Then only the child of her own ,who has been fostered by some other parents would be handed over to her. Such was her Poorvika jnana. They handed over Kannan to his father and mother and come back. On reaching home, Sivadasan and Santhi see the same Sanyasin and another child were there in waiting for their arrival. Sanyasin  entrust that run away boy on the street to Sivadasan and Santhi. On the upheaval of her motherhood she accepts the second child as well
Cast and Crew
                 The Sreen play writer of the film" Kalchilampu" which was selected in 2010 Indian Panorama, M.Sukumarji, is the writer as well as the director of this film "Kandethal"( Revelation).Introducing new faces such as world known dancer V. P .Dhananjayan, Devendanath, Sunil Raghavan, Geetha Poduval ,Master Abhinav are in leading roles. Dedication:To all the children in the world who left their homes . Banner: Pranamam Films, Produers:  Manniyath Krishnan, Manniyath  Sukumaran, Cinematography:  Shaji Jacob,  Background Music:  Kaithapram Viswanathan, Studio:  Vismaya Max ,Editing: Vipin Mannoor,  Sound recording: Sandeep Sreedharan,  Assistant Director: Kamal Payyannur , Time:1hour55 minutes
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